How To Make Tomato Sauce From Scratch? 

When tomatoes are at their ripest in August and September, prepare a quantity of fresh tomato sauce. Look for cracked or mildly damaged tomatoes sold at a discount at the market. So, how to make tomato sauce from scratch? 

The tomato’s flesh must be dense, sweet, and blood crimson. It yields a manageable amount of sauce with a very fresh and vibrant flavor. Fill a few freezer-safe zip-top containers with high-quality, flavorful tomatoes.

Fresh Tomato Sauce From Scratch

Making tomato sauce is easy, but it is labor-intensive. Even the relatively small quantity we’re preparing here, just enough for a few special midwinter meals, will require an entire afternoon of labor. If you want to make a larger quantity, allow more time for the project and consider enlisting additional assistance.

It is an excellent starting point if you have never made tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. The quantity is small, but it is sufficient to justify the afternoon. Additionally, the amount is tiny enough to freeze the entire batch if you do not wish to use it.

How To Make Tomato Sauce From Scratch? 

This homemade tomato sauce is prepared by patiently cooking fresh tomatoes with onion, green pepper, basil, garlic, and red wine until flavorful and rich.


  • Preparation Time: 30 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 4 hours and 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 4.40 hours
  • Servings: 6
  • Yield: 3 Cups

Homemade Tomato Sauce Ingredients

Here are the ingredients required to prepare this acclaimed tomato sauce at home:

  • Tomatoes: You will need ten mature (or extremely ripe) tomatoes.
  • Butter and olive oil: For the finest flavor and texture, sauté the vegetables in a mixture of butter and olive oil.
  • Vegetables: Onion, bell pepper, and carrots are cooked until they are very tender. The addition of celery stalks to the tomato sauce enhances its fresh flavor.
  • Wine: Burgundy wine contributes complexity and dimension to the flavor.
  • Seasonings and herbs: This homemade tomato sauce contains fresh garlic, fresh basil, Italian seasoning, and a bay leaf for flavoring.
  • Tomato paste: Two tablespoons of tomato paste lend another layer of flavor to the dish.

How To Make Tomato Sauce?

Are you eager to discover how to create homemade tomato sauce? It is pretty straightforward. You’ll find the complete, step-by-step recipe below, but here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Once the skin of the tomatoes begins to peel, transfer them to an icy bath.
  • Remove the coverings and extract the seeds.
  • Chop and then puree eight tomatoes in a blender. Chop and reserve the remaining tomatoes.
  • Cook the vegetables and garlic until they are very tender. Add minced and pureed tomatoes.
  • Add the wine, basil, and seasoning to the dish. The celery stalks and bay leaf are added.
  • Simmer for two hours, stir in the tomato purée, and simmer for another two hours.
  • Before serving, remove the bay leaf and celery from the dish.

Key Steps For Tomato Sauce

Set up assembly line procedures. The most time-consuming aspect of this afternoon project is preparing the tomatoes for the sauce, but if you are organized before you begin, the work will move swiftly.

Prepare a sheet pan with the bottoms of the tomatoes facing up, bring a large pot of water to a boil, and place an ice bath and compost receptacle nearby for peeling.

Do you prefer chunky or smooth sauce? Before preparing the tomatoes, I recommend chopping them with a food processor or blender to save time.

A few pulses will produce a chunky sauce, whereas extended processing will have a very silky sauce. If you prefer a chunky sauce, omit this step and allow the tomatoes to break down as they simmer organically. After cooking the tomatoes:

  • Dice them by hand.
  • Pass them through a food processor.
  • Purée them with a stick blender.

How long should the sauce cook? I provide a preparation time range of 30 to 90 minutes (1 and a half hours). Shorter cooking times will result in a sauce with a fresher tomato flavor; extended cooking times will result in a sauce with a cooked tomato flavor.

Observe your sauce as it simmers, and remove it from the heat when it reaches the desired consistency and taste.

Storing And Serving Fresh Tomato Sauce

Once the sauce has cooled, please place it in freezer-safe containers or sachets. You can freeze the sauce for at least three months before developing freezer burn or off-flavors.

You can also hot-water the tomato sauce by transferring the hot sauce to sterilized canning jars, sealing them securely with new lids, and boiling them for 30 minutes.

Why You Will Love This Tomato Sauce?

1. Easy recipe with fresh ingredients: This tomato sauce requires only six ingredients, and two of them, tomatoes and basil, are at their apex during the summer. Many tomato sauce recipes that call for fresh tomatoes require you to skin and de-seed the tomatoes. I prefer to use the entire fruit because why discard all those delectable nutrients? Using fresh tomatoes lends a lovely new flavor to this sauce, but I have you covered if you prefer to use canned tomatoes.

2. Delicious: Concentrated tomato and basil flavors make this sauce delicious.

3. Versatile: This tomato sauce can be used for both pasta and pizza. You can also use it to cover grilled vegetables, among other things. Alternatively, serve as a dipping sauce with garlic crostini!

4. Soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan: The sauce is soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making it suitable for everyone. My son Jay adored tomato-based sauces, especially this one, which is also kid-friendly.

Making tomato sauce from Scratch is a rewarding culinary endeavor. Simmer, blend, and season mature tomatoes to create a versatile and flavorful sauce. Whether used for pasta, pizza, or other dishes, homemade tomato sauce offers a flavor that is fresh and vibrant, elevating your cuisine to an entirely new level.

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