Costco’s New $2 Breakfast Sandwiches Are a Huge Hit

Costco, the beloved wholesale retailer known for its bulk products and unique food court offerings, has recently introduced a new item to its menu that’s creating quite a buzz: the $2 breakfast sandwich.

This sandwich, priced at an incredibly affordable $2, has quickly become a favorite among shoppers. Here’s a closer look at why these breakfast sandwiches are such a hit.

The Buzz About Costco’s $2 Breakfast Sandwich

1. Unbeatable Price Point

  • In a world where inflation is affecting the cost of living, finding a breakfast option for just $2 is remarkable. Costco’s pricing strategy has always been about providing value to its members, and this sandwich is no exception.

2. Quality Ingredients

  • Despite the low price, Costco doesn’t compromise on quality. The sandwich features a hearty combination of eggs, cheese, and a choice of sausage or bacon, all served on a soft, warm roll. It’s a satisfying meal that feels more premium than its price tag suggests.

3. Convenience Factor

  • For busy shoppers or those looking for a quick bite before starting their day, the convenience of grabbing a breakfast sandwich while shopping is a big plus. It’s fast, easy, and you don’t have to make an extra stop for breakfast.

4. The Health Appeal

  • While not the healthiest option on the menu, the breakfast sandwich is a more balanced choice compared to some of the other indulgent offerings at Costco’s food court. It provides a good mix of protein and carbs to start the day.

5. Perfect for On-the-Go

  • The sandwich’s packaging makes it easy to eat on the go, fitting perfectly into the lifestyle of busy commuters, parents on school runs, or anyone in need of a quick breakfast solution.

6. Social Media Sensation

  • Instagram and other social media platforms have been buzzing with posts about Costco’s new breakfast sandwich. The excitement and positive reviews shared online have contributed to its popularity.

7. Limited Availability – A Marketing Win

  • Initially, the breakfast sandwich was only available in select locations, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency. This strategy often leads to increased demand and interest.

8. A New Reason to Visit Costco

  • For some, the lure of trying the new breakfast sandwich is a reason to visit Costco, potentially increasing foot traffic and sales for the store.

The Bigger Picture: Costco’s Strategy

This new addition is a testament to Costco’s ongoing commitment to keeping their food court interesting and affordable.

It aligns with their business model of keeping prices low to drive membership and store traffic.

The success of the $2 breakfast sandwich is not just about the taste or the price; it’s about understanding and catering to the needs of their customers.


Costco’s $2 breakfast sandwich is more than just a new food item; it’s a reflection of the company’s knack for creating buzz and providing value.

It’s a reminder of why Costco continues to be a favorite among shoppers, offering more reasons to enjoy the Costco experience beyond the retail savings.

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