8 Items at Dollar Tree That Cost Way More at Walmart This October

As we step into October, budgeting and smart shopping become more crucial than ever. In the spirit of saving, it’s surprising to find that some items are significantly cheaper at Dollar Tree compared to Walmart. This blog post highlights eight such items where you can save big this month.

1. Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree: At Dollar Tree, greeting cards often come in a two-for-a-dollar deal, making them an absolute steal.

Walmart Comparison: Walmart’s greeting cards, while more diverse, often start at $2.97 each, almost triple the price.

2. Party Supplies

Dollar Tree: From balloons to disposable tableware, Dollar Tree offers a wide range of party supplies for just a dollar.

Walmart Comparison: Similar items at Walmart can range from $3 to $7, depending on the style and quantity.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree: You can find a variety of cleaning supplies like sponges, detergents, and wipes, all for a dollar each.

Walmart Comparison: At Walmart, even the store-brand cleaning supplies typically start at $2.50.

4. Spices

Dollar Tree: A hidden gem in the culinary aisle, spices at Dollar Tree are just a dollar per bottle.

Walmart Comparison: Walmart’s spices often start at $2.48, offering similar quality but at a higher price.

5. Reading Glasses

Dollar Tree: You can pick up a pair of reading glasses for just a dollar – a perfect deal for those who tend to misplace them.

Walmart Comparison: Walmart’s lowest-priced reading glasses start around $5.88.

6. Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree: From hairbands to bobby pins, hair accessories at Dollar Tree are both affordable and trendy.

Walmart Comparison: Similar items at Walmart can cost anywhere from $2 to $5.

7. Storage Containers

Dollar Tree: Organize your space with $1 storage containers, available in various sizes and designs.

Walmart Comparison: Walmart’s storage solutions start at around $3 for the smallest sizes.

8. Seasonal Decor

Dollar Tree: Seasonal decor for holidays, especially for Halloween and Thanksgiving, are just a dollar, making seasonal changes fun and affordable.

Walmart Comparison: At Walmart, even the simplest seasonal decorations can start at $5.


Smart shopping can lead to significant savings, especially for everyday items.

By comparing prices and shopping at stores like Dollar Tree for certain items, you can stretch your dollar further. Keep these comparisons in mind as you shop this October, and enjoy the savings!

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